Michael Boyd Construction - Southern Dreamscapes

Team leadership starts at the top with a diligent, detailed plan of the chronological sequence for each service to be performed.

It's imperative there's clear communication, a thorough understanding of:
I) any questionable areas that could hide unknown risks or 'unforeseeables' - buried fiber optics, old pipes, builders trash, an outcropping of granite... these are just a few examples of surprise 'change orders' and certainly NOT buried treasure!
II) each subcontractor's specific role or task(s), including completion times;
III) when 2 or more subs' work overlaps, each party MUST be
a team player, not only doing his or her part, but also helping
if possible 'a teammate' to ensure the project stays -
a) on budget;
b) on schedule.

A 'pre- construction' checklist includes taking bids from different subcontractors, providing the architect with a detailed break down (line by line) of the entire assignment, obtaining permits when necessary and later overseeing site preparation for construction (silt fencing, surveying, soil engineers, etc.) to meet project specifications of architects and structural engineers.

Also, the team leader must diligently manage scheduling and daily quality control of operations for each subcontractor, including scheduled walkthroughs confirming 'quality execution', billing and subcontractor payouts.

Our primary role is and has always been Project Management for all types of Outdoor Spaces- from simple to high end installations. By employing the same management principles, we've added two new services - home renovations and new additions.

I personally provide you with peace of mind when overseeing your project.
Under my diligent leadership, I've managed complex construction assignments from concept to completion, by thorough planning and clear communication.

Each endeavor culminates in a smooth progression. The result? A solid foundation of growth. 'Do overs' are minimized ensuring subcontractors stay on budget, allowing for timely completion, ultimately exceeding clients' expectations!